Introduction to Essence of Care Behavioral Health Services

Essence of Care is committed to providing individuals and their families with behavioral health services that are customized based on individualized needs.

Step 1: Referral to Essence of Care

Step 2: Intake/Screening
          Explanation of services offered
          Information gathering and sharing
          Completion of legal documents (forms)

Step 3: Assessments 
    Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment
          Nursing and nutritional assessment
          Diagnostic assessment
          Substance abuse assessment
          Psychological assessment (based on need)

Step 4: Individual Person-Centered Treatment Plan (ISP)

Step 5: Comprehensive services are provided based on the goals and objectives of the ISP created with active participation from each individual

Step 6: Transition/Discharge

Services are time-limited based on the reduction of interventions. Once individuals are able to function more effectively and show progress on goals and objectives, Essence of Care will assist and coordinate, as appropriate, individuals and family to transition to other care resources.

Services Offered Include:

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment
Individual Person-Centered Service Plan Development
Diagnostic Assessment
Psychiatric Treatment
Psychological Testing
Crisis Intervention
Nursing Assessment and Health Services
Medication Administration
Individual Counseling
Substance Abuse Services: Counseling, Groups & Training
Case Management
Psychosocial Rehabilitation-Individual (PSR-I)
Family Outpatient Services: Counseling & Training
Group Outpatient Services: Group Counseling & Training
Intensive Family Intervention

We want each of our clients and their families to feel confident in the services we provide.  All of the programs and services offered at Essence of Care are in compliance with all guidelines and policies mandated by the State of Georgia, county ordinances, CARF and by the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). Our recovery orientation includes compassion-based alliances with focus on self-confidence, having a full understanding of persons served, creating optimum protocols and outcomes. We focus on the individual’s strengths based on responsive services and their cultural preferences. If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact our representatives at 404-975-4680.