Who We Are

Welcome to Essence of Care, serving the Metropolitan Atlanta area.  We are your leading resource for achieving mental and behavioral health wellness.  Our professionals offer a variety of services, so whatever the mental or emotional struggles you or your loved ones may be facing, our staff can find a program that best meets your needs.  Our Georgia office is a trusted provider of outpatient care for individuals struggling with mental illness and other medical issues. Currently, our facility offers behavior modification, counseling, drug abuse treatment, family counseling, and 24/7 crisis intervention.  Essence of Care is unlike any other mental health treatment center in the area.  With our on-site multidisciplinary team, weekly support groups, specialized curriculum, and training suites, our wellness center is unmatched.  The facility itself is ideal for what we do; we have several rooms designed for group therapy, allowing for multiple therapy sessions in one location.

How We Do It

These services are delivered to children, adolescents and adults in their natural environment with their family members.  All services focus on linking patients to needed community services and resources. These services are provided to diffuse the current crisis and evaluate its nature and intervene to reduce the likelihood of the reoccurrence. We also ensure that the clinical appropriateness of services provided. This improves the client’s ability to care for self, as well as the parent’s or legal guardian’s capacity to care for their loved ones.

Mission & Values

Here at Essence of Care, we not only apply best practice methods in helping individuals and families overcome their struggles, but also implement kindness, respect, and understanding.  We want the road to recovery to be a positive experience.  Every person we meet we treat with respect and compassion. Our commitment is to provide individuals in our care and their families with a hopeful future. Hope is the core foundation for the journey towards recovery.